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Fundraiser for children in Syria

Fundraiser for children in Syria
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As a part of my school project in grade 10, I have chosen to fundraise for children in Syria.

The civil war has been going on for over 12 years. and around 6 million children has never seen a world without war.

There are many conflicts throughout the world, and it is still very important to remember the situation in Syria.

When the goal IS REACHED Sylvester WILL

Show gratitude towards all of the donors, by communicating my results.

INFO FROM Save the Children

By providing direct specific help to families and children, and pushing for social and political changes, we help children take their future into their own hands.


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Thanks to 8 has donated

Stefan  600 DKK

Garden work

Donation through voluntary work   562 DKK

I helped at „Hanseatic Help“in Hamburg and got family and friends to donate money for every hour that I worked.

Thanks for the really nice clothes  400 DKK

Really good work Sylvester. It is very thoughtful of you to organise a fundraiser for the children of Syria. Best of luck Emma.

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