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Happy Birthday To Christopher (from Korean fans)

Happy Birthday To Christopher (from Korean fans)
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Every fans in this community loves Christopher's music, and we've also given him trust and endless support. We also follow his warm heart.

The reason we made this project is to celebrate the 10th anniversary for an artist & we were discussing a special gift to celebrate this special day for Christopher who'll now be the father of two children. Just in time, his birthday is on January 31st.

He loves children and always seek for doing good things for them so I thought it would be a more meaningful gift to convey his warm heart by donating, giving children hope and love.

When the goal IS REACHED Christopher's Korean fans WILL

INFO FROM Save the Children

By providing direct specific help to families and children, and pushing for social and political changes, we help children take their future into their own hands.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christopher from Korea Fans)  11.000 DKK

Christopher's Korean fans  4.000 DKK